• The 7 Best Shades in 2020


    The toner is the best option for those who want to change the color, but without damaging the hair with permanent dyes full of chemistry. It is suitable for those undecided people, who still don't know what color they want to leave their hair! View here for more info: Best Bleach for Dark Hair


    1. Keraton Brightness Bath: the toner that treats and colors


    Keraton Shine Bath is a moisturizing cream with keratin that, in addition to treating hair, also gives color to the hair. Ideal for those who can't stand the color anymore, but have their hair very damaged to face a dye with ammonia or oxidants.


    The product is straightforward to use, but as pigmentation is only deposited on the hair, it is not suitable for those who want to cover their gray hair, as it will probably fade very quickly.



    2. To cover whites, Color Touch Plus toner


    Most toners are not suitable for covering white threads, as the pigmentation deposited on the threads fades faster than in a permanent dye. Color Touch Plus is one of the few toners that promise to cover up to 70% of white hair. Because it is much less aggressive than a color with ammonia, it is the best option for those who want to get away from white hair but do not want to damage their hair.


    3. The natural formula of the Natucor toner, by Embelleze


    With a little buddy, the Natucor toner does not harm the hair. Its formula is free of ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, and lead but full of nutrients from nature. It is sold in a kit, with toning powder, fixative, and cream after coloring.



    4. From natural to colorful, with Salon Line Color Express


    The Color Express line of the Salon Line is complete: it ranges from natural colors to fantasy colors! Do you want to have Felipe Neto's colored hair? Try Color Express Fun, and you have several colors to choose from! The dye does not harm the hair; on the contrary: it helps to moisturize, as it contains essential oils. It comes ready to use, and the application is very simple.


    5. For boys: Biocolor Men Reducing Gray


    The Biocolor Man Reducing Gray is a toner specialized in covering white hair with discretion. It makes the hair darker, leaving a very natural grayish tone (ideal for those who do not want to keep their hair all white, but are afraid to dye and change the look too much).


    6. Tired of standard hair colors? Go from Keraton Hard Colors


    The colored hair is coming with everything, and there are people who don't want to be out of this fashion! Keraton has the Hard Colors line, for those who want to radicalize: green, blue, red, pink, yellow, the color you want! The Keraton Hard Colors formula, in addition to coloring, also treats hair.


    7. Lightness and hydration with Wella's Soft Color toner


    Wella Soft Color toner is considered a demi-permanent dye. It does not contain ammonia, so it damages the hair less than a regular dye, and it also has natural ingredients, such as vitamins, amino acids and minerals that help to treat your hair.